When we talk about online sales there is one big challenge related: reducing the barriers and doubts of consumers used to the purchase experience of the physical world. In the digital world, without the product in hand and the assistance of a salesperson, it is important that brands and retailers are prepared to offer similar experiences in their different sales channels. In the physical world Trade Marketing plays this role. Online, the challenge is to apply the same concept in order to capture the critical moment of purchase.

Engaging the shopper online is, in fact, a challenge far from impossible to overcome. The appropriate content on your product pages can play the role of an online salesperson. Telling the story and giving the details that justify the purchase of a product is the most important role of content. Here is some data to prove the effectiveness of a content page:

  • 64% of users who entered a page with content have returned to purchase the product.
  • 91% of consumers said that detailed content is a deciding choice factor.
  • 35% is the average percentage of increase in sales conversion brought by content.
  • 25% of product returns occur due to error in product information.

Digital Trade Marketing in Samsung’s strategy


Samsung, a global electronics company and a leader in Brazil in relevant categories such as TV and Smartphones, has been leading the Digital Trade Marketing movement, always concerned with increasing brand presence on their digital channels and increasing consumer engagement.

The premium QLED TV line launched in 2017 redefined the experience of watching TV with innovative imaging and interactivity solutions. To reflect the value of these products and all their attributes, special content formats have been developed and implemented on product pages on the brand site  as well as the retailers.

The HTML special content is a format controlled by the brand and thought by the true product specialist: the manufacturer. The mission of this partnership was to produce a content that is creative, smart and implemented on the retailers pages. By understanding the technical details of each retailer platforms, the content is created in responsive design and tailored to suit each store. The launch of the Galaxy S9 line in 2018 was implemented on each retailer page and responsive to any screen or device.

Reinventing content management


But above all, Samsung has been able to solve a recurring problem of companies operating on different sales channels: to control and efficiently manage all this information and product content. This was made possible through the use of Tradesquash®: a complete solution to create, manage and distribute product content.



Producing content to engage and improve the buying experience.



Use of technology to organize and centralize product information.



Eliminating extra steps to ensure an efficient content distribution.

Content control and distribution


Through this platform it is possible to create, manage and distribute product content for omnichannel use, giving up conventional formats that generated operational inefficiency and lack of control over information.

  • Content Registration / Products Datasheets
  • Materials and Archives
  • Special / HTML Content
  • Exclusive Brand Environment
  • Distribution to your Whole Network
  • Integration with External Platforms

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