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This week in E-commerce Brasil was released an article signed by our CEO, Flávio Salomão! The article talks about how to improve consumer experience and conversion in m-commerce thanks to product content.

It is no news that the smartphone has become a fast access door to any information on the Internet. This device directly impacts people’s buying habits.

And we’re not talking about price research! We are talking about a new generation that immediately uses their cellphone to search for alternatives or discover something new that they were unaware of.

Purchase habits have changed: the m-commerce era has started!

Whether or not the consumer will buy online is another story. But definitely, these shoppers have embraced digital research as an easy and fast way to make a decision – thus, omnichannel has become a reality!

Online sales increased by 7.5% in 2017 and mobile sales already represent 27.3% – data from the 37th edition of Webshoppers released by Ebit. And the projections for 2018 foresee even more growth for mobile sales.

This means that now the products are in the hands of the consumer through a much smaller screen. Smartphones already lead as the primary means of access for most shoppers. So if your smartphone is the most used medium, then why keep your store without qualified information about the products?

Your e-commerce website should deliver quality information to serve as a research base and thus increase the chances of conversion.

And as if the size of the screen was not the only problem, there is still the question of how fast users scroll down the screen. It is necessary, then, to create a way for the product’s own photograph to take away the doubts of the customers and to draw attention to the product in question.

Hero images

A great alternative presented in the article is the use of hero images. Unlike conventional images, hero images answer key questions such as brand, product type, and size.

Hero images highlight the main attributes in an approximate image of the packaging, so they work perfectly on all types of canvas.

E-content for conversion

Another great way to increase conversion is the use of e-content. The format we call Special Content is efficient for improving some navigation metrics and hence conversion.

This e-content, in addition to responding to consumer concerns, still serves as an exclusive area for ​​the manufacturer to highlight all the benefits and differentials of their product. This way, the engagement and interest of the consumer for what you are offering increase – which is crucial in the era of consumer experience.

Unfortunately, most platforms are not ready yet for mobile. And the few that are have severe restrictions regarding the volume of content. This is due to the concern to feed search engines, but the way it is done is not really functional for those who search and buy – limiting the query to long and tiring texts to be read on a small screen.

The good news is that our e-content format is lighter and more dynamic and allows for a considerable increase in the volume of index terms and content on the page when implemented correctly.

In addition, e-content conveys greater safety and positively influences the purchase decision, reducing reverse logistics by up to 40%.

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